Monday, May 26, 2008

All the lies that are fit to print

David Warren of The Ottawa Citizen has nailed it in a column entitled "All the lies that are fit to print" about the recent Mohammed al Dura libel case in which Philippe Karsenty, a director of a French media-watch organisation, last week successfully appealed against a libel action brought by France2 and its Jerusalem bureau chief Charles Enderlin.

Warren notes that "anti-Israel journalists such as Charles Enderlin depend regularly for emotion-laden pictorial content, and for the rumours they report as breaking news, on locally hired Palestinian photographers, cameramen, and stringers. The interests and loyalties of these people are not even an open question" and concludes that "tremendous damage is done by sensational mainstream media reporting that is, even when not fraudulent, considerably less than candid about sources. And this damage is compounded when the media give little or no attention to subsequent retractions."

It seems that in Canada, like Australia, the retractions are also slow in coming.

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