Thursday, May 15, 2008


It's true that Palestinians hurt too.

Yesterday, they hurt several citizens of Ashkelon with a missile fired indiscriminately by terrorists at the Israeli city.

Perhaps if they simply stopped trying to hurt others and turned their attention towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict the world might listen.

Perhaps if they stopped their disingenuous campaign of hatred and opened their eyes and ears they might realise that the Government and the Opposition voted for a resolution in March this year which mentioned Palestinian suffering on more than one occasion and advocated the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

The truth hurts too.

As long as the Palestinians want this state to take the place of Israel they will simply continue to perpetuate their "catastrophe", which is one of their own making.


Anonymous said...

The Age's attack on the Jewish State continues unabated.

Mughrabi's scrullous piece yesterday (his views on the final solution match Hamas perfectly) accompanied by this trashy advertisement and followed by an almost complete whitewash of the attack on Ashkelon which rated a one liner at the end of an article on Lebanon.

The paper continues to churn out garbage.

Anonymous said...

Can't these imbeciles get a graphic artist to put something together that doesn't look like a dog's breakfast?

Apart from the message which is revolting, the ad looks like shit anyway.

Daniel Lewis said...

Amateurish graphics aside, note carefully the map which they used.