Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I recently attended a children's party in Melbourne and the kiddies watched DVD's of playful cartoon animals. It was educational, pleasant and lots of fun.

Contrast that with the education being given to Palestinian children by the psychos in the Hamas movement who are running things in Gaza these days. Hot on the heels of killing off Farfour the bloodthirsty Mickey Mouse look alike, Hamas has replaced the racist rodent on its children's TV programme with a martyrdom-praising bee - HAMAS TV UNVEILS REPLACEMENT FOR TERROR MOUSE.

Sadly, the poor Palestinian children have little opportunity to avoid being indoctrinated by the sick pathology of Hamas because it refuses to accede to international demands that it recognises its neighbour Israel, stops terrorist activity against it and acts to prevent incitement against the Jewish State. The killer bee is part of its response to those demands.

Another response by Hamas has been its own boycott of Israeli goods and the firing of mortar shells at vehicles bringing Israeli humanitarian assistance to the needy of Palestine as described in this New York Times article.

Meanwhile, Ed O'Loughlin of the Melbourne Age remains silent about the killer bee, the indoctrination and the way in which Hamas has turned the tiny Palestinian enclave of Gaza into a prison for its miserable occupants. He's at it again by dutifully following the Hamas line in Fatah gunmen hand over weapons.

"... the 1.4 million people of Hamas-controlled Gaza have been subjected to a near total blockade in which only the minimum of humanitarian supplies are allowed through Israeli-controlled borders."

Please tell us why, Mr. Ed?


Anonymous said...

I bet he stays shtumm about reports that Hamas has contacts with Al-Qaida http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/883526.html

Justin Cohen said...

Melanie Phillips exposes this wicked manipulation on