Sunday, July 29, 2007


The UMMAH FORUM is currently discussing whether it's permissible for Muslims to kill women and children.

We know the answer is "yes" because Islamic groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah have no qualms about deliberately killing Israeli women and children and they do so not only because they regard these people as "occupiers" but because the majority of them are Jews.

This of course does nothing to prevent their apologists in the West from shilling for them. John Pilger continues to blog away to his heart's content trying to tell us that people with a history of telling lies and with genocide on their minds have reformed. They really are a bunch of nice guys according to Pilger who even tries to do a whitewash of the Hamas Covenant for them:-

"Hamas's long-standing proposals for a 10-year ceasefire are ignored, along with its recent ideological shift amounting to a historic acceptance of Israeli sovereignty. 'The [Hamas] charter is not the Quran,' said a senior Hamas official, Mohammed Ghazal. 'Historically, we believe all Palestine belongs to Palestinians, but we're talking now about reality, about political solutions ... If Israel reached a stage where it was able to talk to Hamas, I don't think there would be a problem of negotiating with the Israelis [for a solution].'"

Leaving aside the highly dubious remark about Hamas' alleged "ideological shift" and the fact that Hamas hasn't in the past ceased firing or arming itself during "ceasefires", we know that this "ten year ceasefire" proposal is nothing other than a patent attempt to buy time to enable the future annihilation of an entire people including even their women and children who are not immune to their murderous attacks. In these circumstances, Pilger's aprroval of this ten year ceasefire is pure evil.

But Pilger does more than that whenever it comes to the subject of Israel and so, by definition, he is more than evil.

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Anonymous said...

Pilger is the king of the hypocrites. His garbage documentaries about the Palestinians accept without question the hysterical propanda and lies told to him by the Arabs and he won't give any Israeli a voice unless he's a quisling like Amira Hass.