Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When it comes to producing drek, the Melbourne Age team of cartoonists knows exactly how to offend even if the offense is confined to only a certain segment of the public. So it's fine for Leunig to depict an Australian Prime Minister kissing American backsides but when it comes to sucking up to some of the world's most contemptible pieces of human garbage by deflecting the blame for their murderous ways on someone else, Bruce Petty of that newspaper (cartoon gallery - July 30) takes the cake.

I wonder what the Age is going to make of the latest news about a new Palestinian opinion poll which "shows Hamas winning only 15 per cent of the vote if elections were held now, compared with 42 per cent for the secular Fatah movement led by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas." To read about the poll don't bother consulting the Age where Jerusalem bureau chief Ed O'Loughlin has been especially pumping Hamas' tyres in recent times while describing Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas as "a quisling".

You will find the news in the Australian under the title - STEEP DECLINE IN HAMAS SUPPORT.

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