Saturday, September 16, 2006


The headline says GUNMEN KILL FIVE PEOPLE IN GAZA CITY ATTACK and the story's about the death of five Palestinians but it will remain only on the blank pages because the said gunmen were also Palestinians and not Israelis. There will be no photographs of swarming bystanders around the vehicle in tomorrow's newspaper, no wild scenes from funerals on your television screen and the media in this country will continue to fail to inform you that more Palestinians die these days from the violence inflicted by their own than at the hands of the Jews defending themselves against terror.


ronfinkel said...

Good point and certainly the sort of event that is becoming endemic in a
Gazan society ruled by the law of the "sheik and hamullahs" and not the representative government. I read an article yesterday about the haves (Hamas operatives) and havenots (the rest) in Gaza. The haves are receiving payouts and financial support and managing to make ends meet and the havenots (an increasingly large percentage of the population) are suffering increased deprivation. More and more voices on the Palestinian side are making the very obvious point, that their woes are a product of their own making and can no longer be blamed on the "occupation".

Anonymous said...

When Palestinians start looking at their own society and become accountable for themselves and stop behaving as victims and blaming an occupation which they are doing their level best to perpetuate then there will be much better prospects of peace and reconciliation in the region.

Anonymous said...

Do you really believe they want peace and reconciliation?