Monday, September 25, 2006


Brian Whitaker of the Guardian reports on the victory speech of Hizbullah leader, Hassan Nasrallah who said in Beirut on Friday that his organisation "had recovered from its month-long war with Israel."

"WE STILL HAVE 20,000 ROCKETS," boasts Nasrallah in the article which was also reprinted in yesterday's Sunday Age.

Whitaker adds that "…[A]lthough Mr. Nasrallah's latest claim is impossible to verify, he has a reputation for not bluffing."

Of course.

The Guardian and the Age know full well that Nasrallah doesn't bluff and that he was certainly not bluffing when he made the following threat in his 2002 interview with Lebanon’s Daily Star,

"If they [the Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them world wide."

The fact that The Guardian and The Age were fully aware that this would-be mass murderer and advocate of genocide (not just against Israelis but against Jews in general) has "a reputation for not bluffing" did not prevent them from downplaying Nasrallah's existential threat and leading an orchestra of condemnation against Israel for defending itself (allegedly) in a disproportionate manner against this death cult's unprovoked attacks in July of this year.

The Guardian, the Melbourne Age and many in the Western media remain in a state of denial about Hizbullah. They continue to pretend that Israel was targetting civilians in Beirut and Southern Lebanon when they know full well that Hizbullah was embedded among the population in parts of the capital city, in the towns, the villages and in homes.

In denial about the fact that this death cult has no qualms about taking with it even its own people and, in fact, that it vicariously consigned one thousand of them to the Allah's garden as a result of its recent war on the Jews.

The Associated Press reporter Hamza Hendawi claims in LASTING QUIET RETURNS TO SOUTH LEBANON that the Hizbullah fighters have vanished in south Lebanon, melting back into the population. Rubbish, they were always part of the population and he knows it; we all know it and how can he be so sure about the "lasting quiet" if Nasrallah is boasting that he now has 20,000 missiles?

Why have so many in the west been captivated by Hizbullah?

Martin Amis said recently in (ironically) The Guardian :-

"It is painful to stop believing in the purity, and the sanity, of the underdog. It is painful to start believing in a cult of death, and in an enemy that wants its war to last for ever."

At least we know now that the enemy is not bluffing!


gulliver_on_tour said...

The only thing that's painful for the likes of Ed O'Loughlin of the Melbourne Age is the admission that they are wrong.

Last week O was writing on the unity government between Hamas and Fatah and how that would somehow be a diplomatic blow to Israel.

Now Hamas has put the brakes on that by refusing to be part of a Palestinian unity government that recognises Israel's right to exist.

Where's O'Loughlin?

Anonymous said...

You won't read this in the Fairfax press -