Friday, September 29, 2006


I pity the poor Germans.

They can't even get their usual fix of Mozart these days.

Read why here.

Fortunately, the paranoia hasn't completely killed off all entertainment for German theatre-goers. For a good laugh, they can still catch up with the satirical The Last Virgin, by Israeli playwright Tuvia Tenenbaum. The play which makes fun of suicide bombers and "mocks Arabs and Jews in equal measure" has received strong criticism from German Jews. I somehow doubt however, that the objections from the Jewish community are what caused the necessity for sniffer dogs to patrol the aisles before every performance and why no bags are allowed into the auditorium.

Speaking on the Mozart controversy Tenenbaum told The Times:

"What kind of message is this sending to the Arabs on the street? Frankly, it is a racist decision because it is tantamount to saying that all Arabs cannot wait to blow themselves up in Europe."

I think he might have something there!

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