Friday, November 16, 2012

Letters get it right

Both from today's Australian:

Hamas's intransigence

HAMAS is an organisation founded and rooted in genocidal violence against Jews and Israel. History has demonstrated the futility of attempting to negotiate with such organisations, with military strength being the only language it respects.

The targeted killing of Ahmed al-Jabari will no doubt result in much righteous indignation from Gaza. But it will eventually result in a reduction of rocket attacks and attempted incursions from Hamas. This is the way the world works in the Middle East.
Alan Freedman, St Kilda, Vic

THE patience of Israelis in the face of daily provocation is remarkable but with the US presidential election out of the way and Hamas's supply chain from Syria disrupted, an Israeli response was just a matter of time. Iran's preparedness to defend its nuclear arsenal may also be tested; and the Arab Spring may yet arise in Tehran.
Greg Jones, Kogarah, NSW

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