Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fog of War - 5

I've refrained thus far from going into too detailed an analysis of the Age's coverage of the conflict because quite frankly, Pollard and McGeogh aren't really journalists in the sense that we expect them to report on all of the facts in anything that remotely resembles objectivity so it's a waste of time going through their propaganda with a fine tooth comb. We all know exactly what it is.

However, the mind still boggles when I read this sccount from Pollard about Gaza's motorcycle lynch mob: 'spies' executed, corpse dragged through streets. 

The impression I get is that the reporter is doing her level best to present the case for these horrendous extrajudicial killings. She's also confused as to where these deaths figure in the obligatory scoreboard at the foot of the article. Naturally, Pollard's scoreboard doesn't reveal the not insignificant number of Palestinians who have died as a result of many of the misfired Hamas and Islamic Jihad rockets which hit the wrong targets.

The truth of course is that the victims of this conflict are all in part victims of a media that gives Hamas succor by dignifying its thuggish, uncivilised behaviour and this article demonstrates the truly ugly side of the Age style of journalism which leaves so much to the blank pages.

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