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When Hanan Ashrawi won a peace prize from some nuff nuffs in Sydney some years ago, we were never really given any proof at all that she was deserving of such a prize. Instead, the anti-Israel elements involved with the award and a number of hangers on turned the whole thing around blaming the pro Israel Jewish lobby for all number of crimes and misdemeanours for simply having the chutzpah to question why this propagandist was being awarded a peace prize despite the fact that very little evidence existed to justify the award.

Several years have passed and Ashrawi has still not done a thing to justify the prize and of course, peace between Israel and Palestine seems more of a dream to some than it was then.

Meanwhile, Ashrawi is a member of the PLO Executive which honours suicide bombers by naming streets, city squares and football tournments after them, which slanders Israel and Jews at every opportunity and which spreads massive lies about Jewish ties to the land, to Jerusalem and which seeks to revise every aspect of the recent history of the region.

Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh has noted Ashrawi's latest attempt to revise history by claiming that there were no Jewish refugees from Arab lands in the last century but rather that they came to Israel volunatarily "pressured by Zionist groups." - No such thing as Jewish refugees.

This is yet another lie from the pen of the person who we know is a serial liar but who receives special protection from many who are as culpable as she is for the sad state in which the Palestinian people find themselves in. Here is what David Harris had to say about Ashrawi's claims - Hanan Ashrawi Is to Truth What Smoking Is to Health.

Ashrawi does what she does because she knows she can get away with her lies. She knows this because the people who award her peace prizes and those who write poisonous propaganda in some of what were once the world's leading newspapers allow this to happen because their hatred of Israel and its people are as deep as hers.

Hanan Ashrawi Is to Truth What Smoking Is to Health

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