Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ABC gives Pappé a forum for his fractured "facts"

The ABC has a knack of bringing up the most vehement of anti-Zionist rogues at the most opportune times when it's difficult for most Jews to be on panels and in audiences to respond to them. Such was the case a while ago when the only Jew they could find for a panel discussion on Israel was Antony Loewenstein and last night, the had the notorious fact bender Ilan Pappé fracturing the truth on the history of Israel on Q & A. Firstly, they had the Dorothy Dixers in the audience such as the Palestinian woman who gave Pappé the opportunity for a perfect segue into accusations of ethnic cleansing and thuggery by the Zionists. There was also a yobbo in the crowd who crowed about meeting the Mayor of Jerusalem last year and being told that he had plans to build 90,000 homes for settlers in the municipality. As if ... Pappe himself was unleashed to provide his standard tirade without much questioning of the fact that he has been pilloried for his inaccurate versions of events. Pappe himself admits he is more interested in ideology than facts and that he bases his accusations against Israel not on substantiated facts, but on Palestinian narrative - When Ideology Trumps Scholarship. Fortunately, one of the panellists, Irving Wallach was on hand to rebut Pappé's lies and he pointed out that the events of 1947-8 were precipitated by a viscious hate campaign orchestrated by the Palestinian leader, Haj Amin El Husseini, who sat by Hitler's side during WW2 planning the extermination of Jews. Pappé at first tried to dismiss this as something that never happened but when Wallach pointed out that anyone could google the Grand Mufti and discover what he was up to at the time, he tried to poo hoo his role and set up another lie that the Palestinians, notwithstanding the Mufti's Nazis connections, were welcoming and brotherly towards the Jews of the time. It was pure bullshit and no true historian would have the gall to try to get away with that sort of papp in public. And anyone with half a mind would understand that in 1947 any cohort of Hitler and Eichmann who worked on their final solution for the Jews just a few years earlier wasn't going to be trusted by any of them any time soon. Some historian is this Pappe. For good measure, here's another who questions his disregard of the facts ... The faux Zionist history of Ilan Pappé The Pappé circus is travelling around Australia pedalling its hatred of Israel and doing untold damage to the cause of peace between Jew and Arab in the region.


Anonymous said...

Anyone think it's a co-incidence that Pappe made himself available for this circus on Rosh Hashana?

georgeaz said...

As the author suggests, Pappe is an irrevelance. The scandal is that Q&A gave forum to a pseudo-acadameic who invents facts to suit his argument.

Pappe has invented quotes, continually lies about the facts and to top it all of admits openly that the facts are unimportant to him; it's his ideology ("destroy Israel") that is important.