Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The inevitable has happened. The latest exploratory peace talks between Israel and the Palestine Authority totter on the brink of failure and the Palestinians blame Israel - Abbas: Israel to blame for failed peace talks in Jordan

How predictable?

After doing their best to derail the talks - Palestinians are doing their best to derail peace talks with Israel - the Palestinians blame Israel for their failure.

The sincerity and good faith (or lack thereof) of the PA is best judged by the messages Abbas and his own people send while the peace talks are occurring.

When Saeb Erekat who once told the BBC that hundreds maybe thousands of civilians had been killed in the battles in the Jenin refugee camp (actual civilian toll - 11) was refusing to come to meetings during the talks, the mufti of Jerusalem was prominent in the official PA media talking about killing Jews and a weekly television show dedicated to Palestinian prisoners in Israel, praised the convicted perpetrator of a murderous attack on a five members of a sleeping family who slit the throat of a months old infant as a 'hero and legend.' - Palestinian TV airs show praising Fogel family murderer.

And, as sure as night follows day, the Palestinian propaganda arm will ignore all of this and when it picks up this story in a few days' time, one of its spinmeisters will focus on blaming Israel and the settlements for everything.

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