Saturday, February 04, 2012


According to elderof ziyon not even the leadership of Hamas can take Fatah led by Mahmoud Abbas seriously.

"Khalil al-Hayya, head of Hamas' political party "Change and Reform," has called on Hamas to re-evaluate the unity agreement with Fatah in light of Fatah's postponement of a meeting meant to create a framework for negotiations."

Sound familiar?

Abbas presides over a corrupt Fatah and a dysfunctional Palestine Authority. His underling Erekat does a lot of talking but most of the time he's resigning his position, postponing meetings, walking out of them or simply not bothering to turn up.

He does it because he knows there are enough sock puppets in the mainstream media who will give him, and the thugs he works with, the credibility and a megaphone to get across his crooked message.

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