Sunday, August 21, 2011


I turn my back for a few days and the Palestinian terrorist groups and their mentors are playing the same old game.

It starts with a murderous attack on innocent civilians such as the one at the end of last week in Southern Israel. The Israelis strike back at terrorist targets and that's followed by a hundred rocket attacks by terrorists at civilian targets inside Israel.

Hamas says "it's not us - try Islamic Jihad", Israel strikes at the terrorists including those caught in the act of launching rockets and Mahmoud Abbas complains and asks for an Arab League meeting to take action against Israel. No expressions of sorrow for the deaths caused by his own people and those in his so-called "unity government".

Then there are the apologists for the terrorists and their enablers, people like the flotilla and flytilla idiots and the BDS racists who condemn the Israelis and ignore Palestinian barbarism.

Business as usual.

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