Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Australian man faces indictment for anti-Semitic letter

This article about a Sydney man accused in the District Court of New South Wales of sending letters to families of soldies who died in Afghanistan appeared in the Jerusalem Post - Australian man faces indictment for anti-Semitic letter.

In one instance, Man Haron Monis described a Jewish soldier who had killed a civilian as a "dirty animal" in a letter to politicians and the Jewish community. "Some Jews who blame Hitler for violations of human rights are not much better than him," he added.

I suppose it's a local matter and not worthy of mention in the Age.

Not even in the blank pages ...

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Anonymous said...

Multiculurism at work one minority vilifying and trying to intimidate another minority . Just imagine the outcry , violence if it were the other way around the the religion of Peace people were the ones being vilified or intimidated.