Thursday, February 24, 2011


"The British educated classes are obsessed by Israel, can’t leave it alone, pick at it without remission. It defines and distorts their whole outlook on the world. They think of it when they are talking about something totally unrelated to the Middle East, such as children’s rights. It has truly become a disease of the British mind, a kind of geopolitical Tourette Syndrome, a pathologically uncontrollable spasm of hatred and lies." - Melanie Phillips in The oldest obsession.

Agree with that although question the use of the word "educated".

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TBS said...

Recommend The Rape of Palestine, 1938 by William B Ziff.

Banned by the British because it showed exactly what Nazi bastards there were in Whitehall and what they did to the Jews in Palestine.
And the disgusting tradition continues...

Available on for abotu $40AUD.