Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Libyan airforce is said to be indiscriminately bombing its own civilians so what is the United Nations thinking about at the moment?

Here are two items from the Australian's Cut and Paste of today:
Paul McGeough in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday:

While upheaval continues in the Middle East, the idea that the Obama administration was more concerned about its strategic interests than the human rights of more than 300 million Arabs was confirmed when Washington torpedoed a UN Security Council resolution against Israeli settlement-building in occupied Palestinian territory.
Of course, the Obama Administration believes such action in the UN would be counterproductive to genuine attempts to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours. One has to ask how many times during Israel's 10 month settlement freeze that operated through most of 2010 did McGeough and people of his ilk condemn the PA for not taking up the opportunity to negotiate with Israel and how many times did they excoriate the Hamas regime in Gaza for continually preaching genocide against the Jews?

And a more rational approach to what's happening than that put forward by McGeough (also from Cut and Paste)
Anne Bayefsky on Pajamas Media on February 18:

The spectacle of the UN Security Council engaged in one more Israel-bashing exercise, while the Iranian and Arab world burns, is a stark example of the organisation's moral turpitude and irrelevance for the 21st century. Iranians are rioting today against a vicious government that stones women for alleged adultery, murders homosexuals for the crime of existing, amputates limbs by judicial decree, brutalises anyone wanting free speech, and is currently holding two Americans hostage for hiking.

Is there a security council resolution in the works on the dying and the dead in Iran? Bahrain? Libya? Tunisia? Egypt? Algeria? Not the slightest possibility. The only thing on the table at the UN is a statement that it is illegal for any Jew to live on any land that is claimed by Palestinian Arabs.

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