Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you ever feel the need to vomit then I highly recommend that you read the fawning work of the obnoxious one - Robert Fisk. Here's an example of from last Friday's Belfast Telegraph - Robert Fisk: Israel comes face to face with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
He looks like a shepherd, but he might have been the Shah.
And there he was last night, the President of Iran, one of the triple pillars of
the "Axis of evil", scarcely two miles from the border of that holy of holies
which every American president must support – the State of Israel, or the
"Jewish State of Israel", as its government claims it to be.

POSTSCRIPT: Congratulations to the first poster of a comment realting to this execrable piece of nonsense who wrote:-
This was a 'puff piece' by a hard-nosed journalist? The 'shepherd' in question … is a racist Holocaust denying … war mongering … demagogue

This is how you treat evil leaders? You should be ashamed of yourself but you have no self-respect Robert Fisk … why not expose the 'truth' about Hezbollah and its hold on ALL the Lebanese. Tells us about the threat Hezbollah poses to the UN Tribunal into the MURDER of Hariri?

It's funny … you mentioned Nasrallah … as speaking from a video screen … that is, confirming he's still UNDERGROUND since the 2006 war with Israel … in 4 Years NO ONE HAS SEEN HIM ABOVE GROUND … maybe he belongs underground … make that 6 ft underground … along with his 'buddy' the Iranian shepherd …
I dips me lid to you Mr. or Ms. tzatz

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