Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Sydney Morning Herald has again allowed anti-Zionist spruiker Antony Loewenstein to get away with a blood libel against Israel and the Jewish people in Western politicians prefer to ignore Israel's inherent racism.

In today's edition, Loewenstein, whose book "My Israel Question" has been largely discredited for the encyclopaedic nature of its obvious errors (it has a map that places Lebanon in the Galil region of northern Israel) made numerous false claims including the old one about the "Jewish-only settler roads in the West Bank" which never existed and both Loewesntein and the SMH should know that all too well. 

This lie was exposed years ago to Loewenstein's face on national television by Ted Lapkin - see here.

The fact that the roads can be user by all Israelis matters not a whit to Fairfax editors who think the best way they can show balance is to publish an opinion piece by Colin Rubenstein next to that of the twit Loewenstein (I wonder if he still thinks Tzipi Livni is a male?).

The balance is between Rubenstein's truth and Loewenstein's lies which hurt the Palestinians mored than they do the Israelis.

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Anonymous said...

Any danger that Loewenstein or Fairfax are ever going to mention Saudi Arabia's Muslim-only roads?