Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As I understand it, the visit by Israel's Jerusalem Quartet is a raging success despite attempts by hatemongers such as the Australians for Palestine to organise a boycott. Strange people these AFP folk. They have no problems arguing that people should speak to vicious murdering, genocidal thugs such as Hamas but they want to boycott musicians.

The remaining concerts are at Brisbane's Conservatorium Theatre (Wed 11 Nov at 7:00pm), Adelaide's Town Hall (Fri 13 Nov at 8:00pm), Sydney's City Recital Hall Angel Place (Sat 14 Nov at 8:00pm), Hobart Town Hall (Sat 16 Nov at 8:00pm) Canberra's Llewellyn Hall (Thurs 19 Nov at 7:00pm) and Melbourne's Recital Centre (Tue 17 Nov at 7:00pm and Sat 21 Nov at 8:00pm).

I'm not into their music to tell the truth but I'm going to show my solidarity with these musicians. Australians must not allow these thugs and bullies who stand against peaceful co-existence to triumph.

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