Saturday, November 21, 2009

Israel deserves respect in global forums

Barry Cohen was a minister in the Hawke Labor government. In today's Australian, he argues wery effectively that Israel deserves respect in global forums.


Stewart Mills said...

Mr Cohen your examples are a gross distortion of the truth. If you wish to compare the question of proportionality of the Israeli attack on Gaza then please compare like with like. To compare strategies used by the military 60 years ago in Europe will lead to an absurd result. A more fair and reasonable approach is to compare the strategies used by military superpowers today such as the US actions in their initial attack on Bagdad, the US attack on Falluja and the methods used by British troops in Basra.

No one in their right mind denies Israel's legitimate right to self-defence. Certainly Richard Goldstone ensured that the mandate he wrote for his mission would look at the rocket attacks on Israel for that very reason. What you are failing to appreciate is the Goldstone report concluded that all the 36 incidents identified provided grounds for formal investigations into breaches of humanitarian law by both Israel and Hamas.

Israel, like the US, Australia and England is held to a higher standard because it is a liberal democracy. Sadly, though western nations often look the other way to Israel's actions. In the long run this helps no one. Peace will come when nations learn the importance of ensuring the protection of human rights of all rather than of some.

PmR said...

Mr. Mills lamentably stays true to form in commenting about Barry Cohen’s article "Israel deserves respect in global forums”. He wants “Israel ... held to a higher standard because it is a liberal democracy.” Sadly, like Israel’s opponents, Mr. Mills just advocates and tries to justify double standards. Advocating such double standards is just plain bigotry.

Gulliver_on_tour said...

What a weak attempt to backtrack on the grave error of judgement you made with your apologetics for the murderers and their rocket attacks.

Fact is that Hamas laughs at people like you and at the Goldstone Report (it won't investigate what it is accused of - be sure of that). The UNHRC didn't even refer the part about about Hamas commiting war crimes (which it admitted by endorsing Goldstone) back to the UN General Assembly ensuring that there is no protection to the human rights of Israeli citizens unless its army resorts to the use of force.

Shame on you for giving support to the barbarians in Hamas but of course, they are different to democratic Israelis just as the Nazis were different to the Jews they sought to exterminate.

You live in a very dark place indeed Mr. Mils.

JC said...

It's very simple Mr Mills- when you are attacked by murderers it is your duty - to you and to your children - to defend yourself.

About 1300 Hamas operatives were killed in the gaza war. i regret only that they were born into a primitive ideology that valorises death over life and domination over coexistence.

I do not regret their inability to kill more Israelis now that they are dead.