Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here's an insight into how the mutant strain of anti-semitism operates in attempts to stain the State of Israel. This is from the selection of letters in today's Sydney Morning Herald on Ahmadinejad's public appearances in the United States -

Axis of egregiousness
The news coverage of the public reaction to the address given by Iranian President Ahmadinejad at Columbia University appears to prove two things. Fear based upon fundamentalism can generate hatred even among peoples from the most educated, wealthy and secular state on earth, and the citizens of Iran, like their compatriots in the US, have the ability to elect an absolute idiot as their leader.
B. Bates Caringbah

Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad creating a sequel to Borat and not telling anyone?
Bruce Johnson Turramurra

And the Comical Ali award goes to - wait! It's a tie between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for "no gays in Iran" and Malcolm Turnbull for "when voters consider the issue of climate change, they will support us".
Carl Sparre Eastwood

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Iran has no homosexuals. Don't laugh. When I was hairdressing in Double Bay a few years ago one of my clients, a well-known fashionable Jewish socialite, made the same claim about Israel. Somehow her hairstyle that day didn't turn out the way she wanted.
Max Fischer Scarborough

Let's assume for a moment that Max Fischer of Scarborough really exists and that he's really telling the truth about that so-called "well-known fashionable Jewish socialite". What is Max trying to achieve by retelling this story? Is he attempting to draw a comparison between some ignorant dipstick and the President of a powerful oil rich nation who stands accused of holocaust denial, threatening genocide and violently oppressing his political opponents and minorities within his own country? Come now Max!

Whatever the case, he makes such a poor fist of a weak propaganda effort that readers of the SMH would see through that garbage.

For the record, gay people are treated far better in Israel than by any of its neighbours including Palestine under Hamas which generally gets a good run from Fairfax and its reporters. In Israel, gays may not have the approval of religious elements within its society in much the same way as in most western societies but they are generally treated well and gay bars are an accepted part of the night life in the big cities. Recent gay marches have received support of the Israeli police and many Palestinian gays seek safe haven inside Israel from the oppression of the Moslem fundamentalist groups in Gaza and the West.

Max might have given his socialite customer a bad hair day but his letter writing shows him to be an even nastier piece of work.

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Anonymous said...

Clear case of anti-Semitism.

Not well disguised.