Friday, September 07, 2007


On 29 August 2007 the New York-based Human Rights Watch published a report condemning the indiscriminate firing by Hizbullah of thousands of missiles into civilian areas of northern Israel, killing at least 39 civilians during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. In its report, HRW dismissed Hizbullah’s justifications for its attacks on Israeli towns – that they were a response to indiscriminate Israeli fire into southern Lebanon and to draw Israel into a ground war – on the basis that they had no legal basis under the laws of war. The subject of the truthfulness of the assertions that Hizbullah's actions were a "response" to anything rather than part of its own murderous attack strategy was not really considered.

HRW arranged a news conference in Beirut to announce its findings, but it had to be cancelled because of threats of Hizbullah protests.

Hizbullah's anger at HRW has clearly shaken some in the news media if the reaction of the Melbourne Age and its Jerusalem correspondent, Ed O'Loughlin is any guide. Both remained silent and failed to cover its reports or the Hizbullah threats of protest and violence.

Not a single word.

O'Loughlin however, was not so reticent when it came to covering HRW's damning report on Israel's response to Hizbullah whose leader Hassan Nasrallah has stated on numerous occasions that his aim is to destroy the Jewish state and kill Jews everywhere.

The second report was released yesterday and O'Loughlin went straight into action to tell his readers that Israel 'broke laws of war' in Lebanon.

In true O'Loughlin fashion, he ignores HRW's damning earlier report on Hizbullah or the movement's threats against HRW.

Naturally, the Age article fails to give any space to the IDF’s response to the HRW report which points to countless documented examples of civilian facilities being used for military purposes - missiles in houses, mosques and schools used for storing weapons.

This is yet another instance of indiscriminate reporting on the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours and the airbrushing out of existence of the worst elements of the terrorist thuggery from groups like Hamas and Hizbullah. By acting as a shield for such groups, this journalist and his newspaper have reached such appallingly low levels of objectivity that their coverage is now considered by many as part of the anti-Israel propaganda industry.

For those who like to be aware of both sides, a more balanced report can be read here in Haaretz.

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gulliver_on_tour said...

O'Loughlin is a bigger weasel than what you're painting him to be Wilbur.

Look at the second story in the article. The one about Israeli warplanes bombing Syria. That's a lie too as this headline from JTA indicates - "Syria Fires on Israeli warplane"

Why does Fairfax tolerate this idiot?