Friday, August 10, 2007


Blogger Debbie Schlussel tells of The Muslim Honor Killing Hollywood Doesn't Want You to See. It's about how Muslim pressure groups (aka The Muslim Lobby) have successfully managed to have the script of the Hollywood movie "Crossing Over" changed to remove an honour killing scene.

"In their successful campaign to get the scene removed, Iranian Muslims whined that Iranians don't commit honor killings. But they should tell that to the Iranian Supreme Court, which--only four months ago--acquitted a gang of six men who brutally murdering a woman because she was holding hands with a man to whom she was engaged."

The movie stars Harrison Ford and Sean Penn, is produced by the Weinstein Brothers and written and directed by Wayne Kramer. All bar Ford are Jewish. The Weinsteins claim they removed the scene because:

"While we believe strongly in freedom of expression, we also believe in the importance of constructive dialogue between artists and the communities they seek to portray."

Sadly for these shmucks and their audiences, there is no such thing as "constructive dialogue" when it comes to the anti-Semitic scenes in the movie which remain intact so it might be a good idea when this shmatteh comes to a cinema near you, that you give it a wide berth.

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