Saturday, March 17, 2007


Those who might have held high hopes for things to change for the better under the United Nation's new management following Kofi Annan’s departure from the Secretary-Generalship, had better think twice.

The UN remains its usual hypocritical, corrupt and racist self.

This week a team of UN investigators accused Sudan's government of "orchestrating and participating" in crimes in Darfur that include murder, mass rape and kidnap and they urged the UN Human Rights Council to step in urgently - REPORT CONDEMNS SUDAN OVER DARFUR .

During the four-year Darfur conflict, at least 200,000 people are estimated to have died with millions more displaced. The team's leader called the response so far "pathetic" and I have news for them – it will remain pathetic for a long, long time because Arab governments that abuse human rights and Arab militias that directly target and attack civilians are a protected species in the eyes of the United Nations. Nothing will happen and the Darfur genocide will continue.

The UN will, of course, continue to harangue the Jewish State of Israel – even for non-existent offences.

Remember the controversial Israeli Antiquities Authority excavation near the Temple Mount that raised the hackles of Muslims everywhere and saw violent Arab rioting in Jerusalem last month?

UNESCO has now issued a report that the excavation was "being done with complete transparency, and in no way damages the Temple Mount." UNESCO: DIG NOT HARMING TEMPLE MOUNT.

But that's not the end of it.

Although the dig is not causing any damage, the UN is calling on Israel to suspend the dig to allow for international observation. In other words, where Israel is involved and found to be in the right, you must show even-handedness, don't you?

Not a word however, about illegal digging being carried out directly under the Temple Mount by the Muslim Wafq.

Meanwhile, how do you think that the UN is faring over the implementation of the cease-fire from last year’s war? PERETZ TELLS UN: LEBANON CEASE-FIRE STILL NOT FULLY IMPLEMENTED.


No there’s worse to come from the UN.

The "Special Raporteur" on Palestine to the UN Human Rights Council is an unrepentant Israel bashing anti-Semite named John Dugard. Enabling this person to report on any matter relating to Israel is akin to placing lunatics in charge of an asylum.

South Africa’s Business Daily recently gave credence to this lunatic's latest report which accuses Israel of practicing Apartheid - APARTHEID PARALLEL REAFFIRMED IN PALESTINIAN REPORT.

Unfortunately, the Business Daily's political editor who wrote this article, didn't allow for a right of reply and made no pretence of being even handed on the issue in her story.

So, just for the record, here is a link to Anne Bayefsky's brilliant rebuttal JEWS SEEK RACIAL DOMINATION!

"A newly released United Nations report epitomizes the foul anti-Semitism which has overtaken the U.N. human-rights machinery. In language reminiscent of Nazi Germany, John Dugard, the U.N.’s "Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967," has announced that Jews seeks racial domination."

The great travesty is that as long as this nonsense continues, the real victims of human rights abuses throughout the world, will never receive justice. Not from the United Nations.

Bayefsky concludes:

"Why should Sudan stop genocide? It's waiting for the Jews to repent or the Jewishness of Israel to be terminated. Why should Zimbabwe stop murdering and starving its own people, white and black? Why should China grant anybody freedom of speech? Why should Saudi Arabia let women out of the house alone or into any driver's seat? Why should Egypt stop the mutilation of the genitals of the majority of its married female population? They're all waiting for a solution to the Jewish state problem.

"American tax dollars were used to pay for the Dugard report and its dissemination worldwide by the U.N. Isn't it about time the tap was turned off?"

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The Gharqad Tree said...

The UN is a scandal ridden organization.

I agree that freedom loving countries are wasting their time and money contributing to the coffers of the corrupt individuals who run the place.