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As it's the time of year for people to sign on for a cause, here's one I endorse:-

Please Sign the Petition for Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury

Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury is on trial for his life for advocating dialogue with Israel and fighting Islamist extremism. His trial keeps dragging on amidst ominous signs that the government seriously intends to prosecute him.

A Petition to Government of Bangladesh to Free and Drop All Charges of Sedition Against Muslim Journalist Salah Choudhury

To: Government of Bangladesh,

We, the undersigned scholars and other individuals of good will, petition the Government of Bangladesh to drop all charges against Muslim journalist Salah Choudhury. We understand that he faces charges under the Bangladesh Penal Code of "sedition, treason, blasphemy and espionage," which are punishable by death.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is editor of the Bangladeshi tabloid The Weekly Blitz.A practicing Muslim, Choudhury wrote about the rise of Islamist extremists in Bangladesh and has written articles against anti-Israeli and Judeophobic attitudes in Muslim-majority countries. He also urged Bangladesh-Israel relations and real interfaith understanding based on religious equality.

PEN USA gave him their Freedom to Write Award in 2005 in recognition of his commitment towards courageous journalism and confronting extreme adversities.[4]

The American Jewish Committee presented its Moral Courage Award to him in May 2006, but the Bangladesh government prevented him from visiting the United States to receive the honor.

Choudhury is facing these charges for taking strong public and professional stands against the radical Islamists who are quietly taking over the world's third largest Muslim-majority country, against the oppression of religious minorities and others there, and for positive relations between Muslims and Jews. His one formal violation of Bangladesh regulations was his attempt to visit Israel in 2003 to attend a conference of the Hebrew Writers' Association. The applicable act allows Bangladeshis to travel to all countries in the world except Israel. The penalty for such violation is a 500 Taka (less than $8). On November 29, he was taken into police custody and, as he tells it, blindfolded, beaten and interrogated for 10 days in an attempt to extract a confession that he was spying for Israel. He spent the next 17 months in solitary confinement, and was denied medical treatment for his glaucoma. Only after an international campaign and the personal intervention of U.S.

Congressman Mark Kirk did the Bangladesh government release Choudhury on bail. At the same time, the Bangladesh government promised to drop all charges against him after admitn July, a mob stormed the premises of Choudhury's tabloid and beat him, fracturing his ankle.

Congressman Mark Kirk did the Bangladesh government release Choudhury on bail. At the same time, the Bangladesh government promised to drop all charges against him after admitting that there was no substance to them.

In July, a mob stormed the premises of Choudhury's tabloid and beat him, fracturing his ankle.

In September, a judge affiliated with a radical faction ordered the case continued, in spite of the government's reluctance to prosecute, proclaiming that "by praising Christians and Jews," Choudhury had "hurt the sentiments of Muslims." The United States, European Union, and other democratic nations have sent observer to his trial. Government witnesses have refused to show in court, the court has violated Bangla Deshi legal procedure, and the prosecution has yet to provide a scintilla of credible evidence to support the capital charge. The new government in Dhaka has promised several American officials and others that they will have the case dropped. Yet, on February 28, 2007, the radical judge brazenly ordered the trial to proceed.

Resolutions in support of Choudhury and demands that the charges be dropped have been passed in the European and Australian Parliaments. A similar resolution passed the House Committee on Foreign Affairs unanimously and is scheduled to come before the full House this month where it is expected to pass without opposition. Noted international Human Rights attorney, whose clients have included Nelson Mandela and Andrei Sakharov, has identified eight violations on Bangladesh's own law in Choudhury's prosecution. The only way to restore the integrity of Bangladesh is to end this persecution now. In the name of justice, freedom of speech, freedom of passage and of human rights, we join with governments, human rights advocates and other scholars worldwide and ask that this injustice be immediately halted and that all charges against Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury be dropped.

We urge each of you who sign this petition and even those of you who don't to circulate it amongst your colleagues and friends to help us reach 10,000 names by April 1, 2007. Thank you from Scholars for Peace in the Middle East

Sincerely, The Undersigned

As an added security measure for signers of this petition to reduce the need to void anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic remarks that have been posted, as well as reducing the number of fraudulent signature postings, the authors might consider necessary to verify the authenticity of signatures. Unfortunately there are significant numbers of individuals who would like to sabotage the credibility and impact of this important precedent-setting petition. If you have any questions, please contact, Dr. Edward S. Beck, ( President, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Thank you for your understanding, support and patience.

Compare what is happening to Choudhury with the whining and bleating of some signatories to the statements of principle of the British Independent Jewish Voices and its Australian counterpart who go on and on and on about alleged victimization and intimidation from anyone who wants to debate with them or criticise the way they go about things.

This courageous man is really suffering in a Bangla Deshi prison because he advocates between Israelis and the Palestinians while that precious Jewish princess Louise Adler is offended and suffering because someone has made the statement about her that she was "born Jewish".

How very rude of them!


Anonymous said...

A resolution supporting Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury was approved by a unanimous vote of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and must now be voted upon by the full House of Representatives. This will occur on either Monday 3/12 or Tuesday, 3/13. Please call your representative and ask him/her to be present for the vote on H.Res. #64. Mr. Chouhury returns to the courtroom for the hearing of "evidence" against him on Thursday, March 8th. Please pray for him.

Chooka said...

Wilbur - I love your conclusion. That Adler woman is pissed off because someone said she was born Jewish and that's unfair.

Throw a tantrum Louise!

Anonymous said...

I too congratulate you on highlighting the courage of Mr. Choudhury who stands up among Muslims and calls for peace between Israel and Palestine.

The harping and whining of people like Adler and co. who feel aggrieved because people call a spade a spade is simply appalling.