Saturday, January 27, 2007


One of the bloodiest days of fighting between rival Palestinian terror factions Hamas and Fatah has culminated in fourteen deaths in the West Bank and Gaza as fighting reached new heights in deadly gunfire.

A two year old boy was killed when caught in the crossfire. With no Israelis in the immediate vicinity to blame for the death, Hamas and Fatah officials "accused each other of firing the deadly shot" [read here].

Indeed, despite the loss of life by at least one innocent Palestinian civilian, the absence of any Israelis anywhere near the scene of the fighting appears to have diminished the newsworthiness of the whole story to the outside world.


Anonymous said...

The death toll has now reached 21 in 2 days of clashes and the Age remains shtumm. Perhaps Ed O'Loughlin's stringer is one of the casualties.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper said...

While the Sunday Age remains silent on current news on the deaths of Palestinians at the hands of fellow Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and fellow Arabs in Irak it's letters section today contains a rant from a survivor on the USS Liberty attempting to dredge up some dirt on Israel from a wartime incident that happened nearly 40 years ago.

The irony is that, judging from the letters written by many Age correspondents, they would normally be dancing gleefully if they heard an American ship was attacked and American lives were lost. Not so when the ship was mistakenly hit by the Israelis even if it was far to close to a war zone and even if it happened a long, long time ago.

Anonymous said...


Definitions for Palestinian Violence Levels:

Deaths from factional fighting [Acceptable usage]

1 - 5 people killed per day = "Peace"

6 - 10 people killed per day = "Truce"

11 - 19 people killed per day = "Shaky truce"

20 - 30 people killed per day = "Slight Escalation"

31 or more people killed per day = Find a way to blame Israel.