Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ha'aretz opinion writer Bradley Burston has it right on the button when he assesses the latest suicide murder by a Palestinian terrorist in Eilat in When Jihad says 'Kiss, make up, and kill the Jews'.

"Let this much be said: Israel has never devised - not in Dimona, not in underground RAFAEL plants - a weapon against the Palestinian national movement that is anywhere near as effective as the Palestinian's own suicide bomber.

Let the comments fly in, from bottomlessly self-congratulatory supporters of Palestinian statehood in Australia, New Zealand, Berkeley, from all those places where white people like yourselves exterminated indigenous populations with impunity. And stole the land on which your condo was built.

I support a Palestinian state no less than you. But if you spin your impassioned defenses of suicide bombing as a necessary tactic - a natural tactic - a natural response, you'll be spinning that line, and waiting for an independent Palestine, for much longer than any Palestinian should ever have to wait."

I will add only this. When Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum praises the suicide bombing and calls this legitmate resistance against "occupation" he is lying if you think he means occupation only of lands captured by Israel in 1967. The Hamas Charter makes it very clear that its resistance is against the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

WARNING: The talkback section contains the product of enough ranting to fill an asylum and I'm talking about extremists on both sides. It's worth visiting only in order to obtain an insight into perhaps why peace in this region is so difficult to achieve.

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