Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Anti-Israel propagandists rely heavily on Finkler family members – Jews who are Jewish in name only but who gleefully use any means of guild and deception to rub shit in the Jewish State’s face.

I mentioned one of them a few days ago but the Palestinian cause needs more than a ham actress who enjoys farting in public. The cause is so desperate that it actually dug up a fellow who masqueraded as a Jew but really isn’t. Back in July, Ha'aretz published a column by a would-be flotilla participant, Gabriel Matthew Schivone - A Moment before boarding the next flotilla but the trouble is that Schivone is no angel but is, in fact, like most Finklers - a liar. He’s not a Jew at all - Would-Be Flotilla Participant Poses as Jew in Ha'aretz.

Still, he's such an anal person that I just had to include him in the Finkler crowd. After all, while Islamists like the ones who might have benefitted from Schiavone's flotilla (had it not been such a flop) are wreaking havoc and killing people across the world in places like Nigeria and Irak, at least he can enjoying his Christmas the way all Finklers do - by blowing wind.

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