Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It appears that Hamas has struck a deal with Israel for the release of its soldier Gilad Shalit who was abducted five years ago.

In return for Shalit, an undisclosed number of Palestinians will be set free.

The release of Gilad Shalit is a human rights victory of the highest order.

There will be no celebrations of his release from the fax human rights activists who have been silent these five years while Gilad Shalit was kept in captivity by the evil regime that rules the Palestinian people of Gaza and which denied their prisoner even the most basic of human rights.

There will be no pronouncements by these so called activists about the disproportionality between the value of one Jewish life as against the value of possibly a thousand Palestinians for they are nothing but rank hypocrites.

Still, the most important thing is that Gilad Shalit will soon be free and back with his family and his people.

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