Saturday, August 28, 2010

Terrorism rules in Brisbane

The BDS people have every right in a free democratic nation to express their views. What they have no right to do is to terrorise and intimidate. These people are the greatest danger to peace and to the prospects that Palestinians have for a better life. They are the ones that goad and egg on the extremists among the Palestinian people to the point where violence becomes the only answer to them.

What these people are saying is simply not true. The BDS campaign will harm the everyday lives of the Palestinain people and their employment and welfare. This is not the peaceful way because it will encourage violent people among the Palestinians and simply harm the prospects for a peaceful resolution of this long and sad conflict.

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Anonymous said...

The stuttering wench at the start has confused Israel with Hamas and Fatah - it is those people (if I may use the term) that should be taken to account and boycotted. But she's just too stupid.

Conscience gone very awry.