Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Human Wrongs

It seems that whenever Jews commit any violent acts in the Middle East it makes the news, even when the violence is in self-defence or in reaction to violence instituted by Arabs against Jews.

Hence, Melbourne Age reporter Jason Koutsoukis was on the ball with his article "Stabbing ignites Jewish rampage" about Jewish settlers who went on a rampage through the West Bank at the weekend after a nine-year-old Jewish boy was stabbed by a Palestinian intruder. The behaviour of the settlers was reprehensible but it was newsworthy even if the slant was heavily against the Jews by the way in which the "Jewish rampage" was highlighted.

Personally, I've never seen a Jewish rampage anywhere and would be curious to know what differentiates Jewish rampages from say, Mongolian rampages.

It seems however, that when the violence is Arab on Arab violence the blank pages rule comes into vogue and the Age goes shtumm. News like this piece is obviously of no interest to Age readers - 11 killed as Hamas forces battle armed clan in Gaza. The lives of the victims of this sort of violence seem to be worth even less than the Israeli victims of ongoing Palestinian violence even during the time of the alleged cease fire between Israel and the thugs running Gaza.

Then again, there's no such thing as a "Palestinian rampage" is there?

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Anonymous said...

"Stabbing ignites Jewish rampage" says al'age ...

how about ''Muslim stabbing of 9 year old boy ignites Jewish Rampage''

or 'Palestinian rampage ignites Israeli
response" or 'another planned barbaric attack of Jewish child by Muslim fanatic'' or ''ongoing Palestinian violence fails to acheive Palestinian state'