Sunday, February 18, 2007


The Guardian has given Hamas political bureau head Khalid Mish'al a voice to enable him to make the claim in Our unity can now pave the way for peace and justice, that the recent accord between Hamas and Fatah "gives the west the chance to break with its policy of blackmail and recognise Palestinian rights".

Mish'al brazenly tells us this lie in English when invited to write for a sympathetic newspaper - sympathetic to a Palestinian cause and sypathetic to the victimhood of Palestinian people, many of who live in dire conditions of poverty. Sympathetic to a people portrayed as an underdog.

So what's this "blackmail" story all about?

The "policy of blackmail" to which Mish'al refers is the Quartet's requirement that donor aid handouts to the Palestine Authority under Hamas be limited to humanitarian aid only until the PA renounces terrorism, recognises Israel and honours previous agreements made between Israel and the Palestinians.

Hamas continues to make it clear that it has no intention of accepting those requirements.

In short, what Mish'al wants is an end to a policy of "blackmail" that would allow a resumption of aid to the Palestinians while at the same time allowing Hamas to retain the right to blow up innocent civilians on buses, in schools, universities, cafes, shopping malls and discos and to fire missiles at Israeli homes - a right which many of his supporters even in the west accept as legitimate because the Palestinians are under "occupation".

Those supporters include correspondents on the Guardian's "comment is free" page who compound Mish'al's lies with some whoppers of their own - and the justification for it always boils down to Israel's so-called oppressive "occupation".

That's precious because there is no other group in the Middle East that has worked harder to perpetuate the "occupation" more than Hamas (and perhaps Islamic Jihad) which has always done its level best to head off all chances of peace with its own brand of violence including suicide bombings and other lethal attacks on Israeli civilians. Of course, none other than Mr. Khalid Mish'al has always been on hand to co-ordinate and direct the proceedings!

And just in case you're might be wondering what "occupation" means to people like Mish'al, here's what the man himself told Agence France Presse on April 18, 2004:-

"You must understand: liberation of the territories from the occupation is only one phase.... We do not distinguish between Palestine of 1948 and Palestine of 1967. Palestine is everything."

So you must understand that Mish'al means that ending "the occupation" means ending the Jewish State. That is why Hamas has resisted all efforts to bring about peace between Israel and the Pleastinians.

On top of that, Hamas isn't content just to put an end to the Jewish State. Its Charter invokes the serously anti-Jewish Czarist forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and advocates the killing of Jews. One level headed reader responding to the Mish'al's Guardian article describes it as "one of the most hateful and f***ing insane pieces of crap ever written."

This all shows that sometimes, you need to read between the lines when terrorist leaders write purporting to seek peace and justice for their people, because in this case, what Mish'al really means is that the objective is to destroy another people in the process.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian, like the BBC and the Fairfax Press in Australia is all to happy to extend time and space to champions of peace and justice like Mish'al and co.

How frightfully inconvenient it is that in doing so they are giving advocates of genocide a megaphone for their sick views.

Heaven forbid that they ever expose the Hamas Charter and the true aims of the groups involved in and supporting this self-defeating and racist Palestinian armed struggle.

Nurse Rached said...

Do the apologists for Palestinian violence in the media really think they are aiding a benign group of underdogs fighting a valiant war of liberation?

Can they lie straight at night in their beds thinking of pregnant Israeli mothers disembowlled in front of their children or kids blown up on buses?

Bob Goulding said...

Victor Davis Hanson calls it "The Stink" in an excellent article on his site today -

Have you noticed the smell of newspapers like the Guardian, the Independent, the Age and the SMH?

Anonymous said...

David Thompson has the Guardian down pat on its record of involvement with the Religion of Peace -