Saturday, December 30, 2006


The brutal murderer responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths was hanged this morning.

Saddam Hussein, the demented animal who perpetrated atrocities, who murdered, gassed, maimed, raped, tortured and brutalised his own people and his neighbours, who fired scud missiles at Tel Aviv and Haifa, who paid the families of suicide bombers to console them in their grief, who wanted nuclear weapons and who planned genocide, is dead.

Saddam has long ago been replaced by others with the same brand of hatred in their hearts - some of them met recently in Iran. The prime target this time was the Jews of Israel but everyone, everywhere is under threat from these people and their evil plans.

Sadly therefore, the world is not a safer place today for the departure of the Butcher of Baghdad.

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Gulliver_on_Tour said...

In today's Age (1/1/07) a regular letter writer Margaret Callinan of Balwyn writes:-

"THERE should be no rejoicing over the death of Saddam Hussein. As John Donne wrote: "Each man's death diminishes me,/For I am involved in mankind". This applies as much to the killer as the killed. Capital punishment is not and never could be the answer."

Ms. Callinan writes to the Age often about the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.

Strangely enough, although she has aired the above views about a convicted mass murder and animal with genocide on his agenda, to my knowledge, she hasn't been as forthcoming about the innocent Israeli civilians murdered by Palestinian terrorists.